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    How high is too high – how low is too low. You really don’t want to kill anyone. This is non-lethal protection. But, you don’t want to be confronted and have an ineffective non-lethal weapon! There is a difference between “electric current (amperage)” and “voltage”. Electric current is measured by units called ampere. The higher the amperage, the higher the current, the more life threatening it becomes. Voltage represents the strength with which the electric current (ampere) moves from one place to another. Voltage refers to the amount of push that urges ampere to move. By itself, voltage cannot electrocute a person. Voltage depends on the intensity of the ampere (electric current) to do this. So, high electric current with relatively low voltage can be lethal. This is why you can get a serious jolt from a 12-volt car battery. It has low voltage but high current of hundreds of amperes. Voltage is the power which forces the electric current to flow from one place to another. Voltage, by itself, cannot electrocute a person. A low electric current (low ampere) combined with a high voltage is definitively not lethal. That's precisely the case of stun guns. To overcome the electrical resistance of the human body, stun guns use high voltage to push a low electric current. Despite the high voltage electrical charge they provide, stun devices actually don't have enough current (amperage) to kill someone in normal circumstances. It would take about one ampere to kill a person, but at least 200 milliamps (2/10 of an amp) can make the human heart fibrillate, which can be fatal. Stun Guns only have 3-5 milliamps, way below 200 milliamps. As a result, stun guns can incapacitate a person for a few minutes without causing lasting harm. So, how do you achieve the best balance? Buy the highest voltage stun gun you can. It will incapacitate long enough for you to get away and get help. A high voltage stun gun will increase effectiveness of your lawful self defense. A high voltage stun gun is important. An attacker who is large and/or in good physical condition will require more stopping power. Get the highest voltage stun device you can afford. You won't regret you did. At MC Security Products we offer many stun guns and stun gun accessories to choose from. Just go to mcsecurityproducts.com and shop for a variety of self defense and safety products.

    Marc Coustier


  • Which Stun Gun is right for you?

    If you would like to buy a stun gun for self-defense, then it’s good to look for a model that will suit your needs. This article will help you make the right decision when it comes to looking for a guide that reviews the information to help you. In this article, I am going to help you find the right stun weapon shape.

    When searching for the right stun gun, you need to determine whether you would like a mini-stun gun, a traditional looking stun gun, a stun baton or a cell phone stun gun. Despite the fact that all of them are best electric shock devices, you should ensure that the one you select suits your needs. This article will help you understand this better.

    Regular stun guns are mostly ideal for men mainly because of their shape and size. Men’s hands are bigger than those of women. Therefore, they prefer bigger stun weapons as it is easy for them to manipulate such weapons when necessary. Another reason why men like regular stun guns are because most of them feel less reluctant to put their stun weapons on a holster attached to their belts.

    Finally, men just love weapons that look masculine making regular stun guns their preferred choice of stun weapons. Women on the other hand, like something more fashion oriented and don’t like bigger stun weapons especially those on a holster attached to their belts. Therefore, women don’t like traditional looking stun guns (however, we will discuss some exceptions).

    When searching for the right stun weapon, you have to honest with yourself and look for something you are going to use. Avoid buying a non-lethal device that you will leave at home or carry at the bottom of your purse. A stun weapon at the bottom of a purse cannot be found easily when needed while one left at home cannot be beneficial in any way.

    So, mini stun guns may be ideal for women as they are so small that they can fit inside a cigarette package. In fact, they fit smaller hands better compared to ordinary stun devices. I know that some people reading this article may conclude that the mini stun gun’s size makes it less effective than a regular stun gun.

    However, this is not the case as mini stun guns are as powerful as any other stun weapons out there. Mini stun guns are beneficial in many ways; they cannot spoil your appearance as they are easy to conceal, easy to carry around (you can carry them on a smaller and less visible holster or in the outside pockets of your purse which are easier to access than the insides of a purse.

    However, let me make something clear. All the things mentioned in this article are only general guidelines and some exceptions are bound to happen. There are women who prefer using regular stun guns without sacrificing their femininity in any way. Some of these women include those who are physically taller and those who like visually threatening weapons.

    Some men like using mini stun gun devices without sacrificing their masculinity. These men are mostly those who like something that is easy to carry around. I would highly recommend you to consider practicality when shopping for a stun weapon.

    If you don’t consider the shape of the non-lethal weapon you buy, you may end up not using it at all as you may not feel like carrying it around. So, you should be realistic and choose something that will meet your needs.

    Keep in mind that some secured locations where you have to pass a security checkpoint like Federal and State buildings prohibit carrying of stun weapons including cell phone stun devices. Therefore, it is good to adhere to the legal guidelines applying to the place or state you live in.

    Last but not least, there is the stun gun shape known as the stun baton. This non-lethal self-protection device enables you to defend yourself while keeping some distance between you and your attacker. However, the problem with the stun baton is that it is bigger and hard to conceal.

    Guards prefer using them because of their size. People with special needs can also find stun batons very helpful (for instance, seniors and dog walkers). Stun Flashlights which are a combination of a stun gun and a flashlight are also good stun weapons and are ideal for drivers. It’s now up to you to decide the stun weapon that suits you. You can either choose a regular stun gun, a mini stun gun, a cell phone stun gun or stun gun.

  • Introduction Blog for MC Security Products

    September 18, 2018

    Hi, Marc Coustier here with MC Security Products

    Today I just wanted to give an overview of how I fell and how I came to putting forth my website, www.mcsecurityproducts.com.

    When I was young I did own guns, went hunting with my uncle and step-father.  In those days there was not all the violence in the news like we see these days.  At the age of seventeen, I joined the U.S. Air Force (I would have been drafted anyway).  I will not go into my career in the Air Force here, but safe to say I had to quality with military weapons and used them.  After I was discharged from the military, I was kind of sour.  I had realized the damage guns can do.  At times, this may be necessary, like in war (for the right cause).

    As the years have gone by, the violence has increased.  We are finding ways to protect corporate America, our airports, and others who can afford it.  All, while our kids are getting slaughtered and nobody is taking effective action.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame guns.  I’m not against guns.  I believe there should be more extensive back round checks and required training to own guns.  I do believe in the second amendment.

    That said, I believe there is many people who cannot bring themselves to acquire a weapon to protect them and their loved ones.  Every few seconds there is a crime, home invasions, crimes against women, robberies and so on.  Individuals want to be able to protect themselves but are not prepared to kill.  I felt the fear, of the possibility of other people dying or being injured for life because of their actions.

    I started this idea of a website to provide individuals and businesses an alternative to lethal security such as guns.  To provide non-lethal devises which can disrupt the attacker long enough for an individual to escape and get help.  On my website, I offer products such as RUNT Stun Guns, Pepper Shot and Mace.

    In future Blogs, I will go into what these products are, how they can be used and the effects the products produce.  I do not intend to fill your email box, just a Blog each week or so to show the options you have.  I want to provide alternative, non-lethal products for individuals and businesses to provide security, surveillance and safety at an affordable price.

    All who read my Blogs are encouraged to email me at marc@mcsecurityproducts.

    I want to thank all for reading my introductory Blog and hope you will find benefit in this and my future Blogs.

    Marc Coustier


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